Leadership Gone Rogue By Femi Emmanuel Owolabi

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  • Book Condition: New
  • Author: Femi Emmanuel Owolabi
  • Publisher: Floret Systems Publications
  • ISBN: 9789785586640
  • Genre: Political

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Leadership Gone Rogue

The writer of this book, Femi Emmanuel Owolabi, shows his proficiency as a well-informed Nigerian who chose the pathway of being blunt and pragmatic by giving a birds-eye-view of the Nigerian situation. Spiced with an unbiased approach to the reality and ills of a nation so blessed and endowed with innumerable resources by Mother Nature, but living beneath her best; bedeviled by the ills of politics and the “necessary evil” called religion.

It exudes originality, clothed with depth and apt presentation in an uncompromising manner. It outlines obvious realities as they are in present-day Nigeria. It succinctly presents an unbiased approach to events as they are. If these ills, as articulated in this book, are considered and the ‘remedies’ suggested are heeded someday, ‘soonest’ the new dawn of a better and freer Nigeria will overtake us.

Nevertheless, in reality, how will the citizens of this nation respond to this clarion call, and those in power reason with a right conscience to see to the realization of the common good of our nation Nigeria? The truth must be told as it is. The facts must not be circumvented or compromised for nothing or something trivial. Or better still, sacrificed on the false altar of “being charitable with words”.

One of the aims of this book is to outline the personal views of a man from the depth of the soul with the passion to see things being put right for the good of his motherland. The greatest contribution of this work, I think, is the way it outlines in an emphatic and systematic manner the ills of ‘Religionomists’ and ‘Polithiefians’. It points to how they have killed the consciousness of God in many. Instead of utilizing God’s great gifts to us, we threw them to the wind in ignorance and chose laziness under the false belief of dependence on a myopic and blur knowledge of God. This attitude has been seriously exploited by the ‘wicked and greedy’ few.

No doubt, if many will change their ways – and the political/religious leaders listen to their conscience – then the intention of this book which is A Better Nigeria For All would have been achieved. The author’s treatment of the subject is no doubt philosophical and will definitely provoke statements and comments. Nonetheless, when and if the recommendations put forward are taken to heart they will have far-reaching consequences that will propel this blessed nation forward and take its rightful place among the committee of right-thinking nations of the world.

I recommend it for all to go through with an open mind and scoop the best it has to offer us all.

Rev. Fr. Cyril Dase Basikoro


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